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Congratulations and thanks to Ross Berenson, David Malterre, and Samuel Guo, the new organizers of the re-launched Juggle This! Manhattan's first juggling convention was great fun and successful enough that host institutions Barnard College and Columbia University have already invited us to come back next year.

CircusNYC and JuggleNYC both offer exciting options to keep you entertained in July. Thanks for letting us know about all these exciting circus-related events and activities. After you successfully Submit a Listing, you will see a confirmation page. Your item will not appear automatically. We still code and edit all items by hand before publishing them. Please include the event date(s) in the headline, so we can triage them by date sensitivity. I've been on the road with Circus of the Kids since late February and have limited time and Internet access. We'll get your free listing items published as soon as we can. If you're in a hurry, please email me to discuss advertising options, and we'll do what we can for you.

Thanks for your support and understanding!

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